Angelee ( Ovis Trojský Kůň ) Champ cze


  ... Angelee means angel, angel, and so on. But our Angelee, An abbreviated or even Lelíšek, probably not. Or ... anyway, the view is definitely an angel, but with a few devil and the imp in the body.

An is every inch a sensible lady. At home the girls on cue, the leader of the pack. No monkey business can not do without it and most of it is she who announces that something is wrong and should intervene. Whether it's gripes about the people who come too close to our - actually the - the fence or the expulsion of foreign cats. It has a great zest for life, is happy when something happens. Love to eat. Unfortunately we have had in this rather tame her passion, because it would not have coped with the early, has the misfortune of being very well and quickly thickens. But even so, when feeding a very disciplined: it gets the last bowl of the girls, because if she got first, before we gave Drum and Týtce should empty too long and would only watched sadly, that has nothing to imp, because girls in the contrary, strictly peck. An imp essentially breathes, to grin and bear sized morsels of duck neck. Neither of the cats ... not eating bowls. So mostly, like the bowls girls can into the cat a long time from a few centimeters away mindlessly stare and imp remains persuaded that she jumped into the mouth. And to have a good feeling that it pays to be obedient, gets out of hand a few remnants of bowls and it is so very happy ....

But we are not only feed ...

We Angelee little character portrayed in the story "How it all began" in the section about us. She is a wonderful girl, especially. He has his head, his views, it is the dominant female, but not bad. In relation to foreign bitches and dogs, he is oblivious when it is pulled into some action, playing with others. And it does not matter whether it is walking the dogs or have a visit with us. They will share the toys and a bed.

If one of her dogs really annoying, much much growling and threatening poisoning and try to escape. And if it does not work, taklehce bites. That's enough and not very smart dogs and is quiet. Thus An calm and go about his business.

The men's relationship is strictly positive. It is a great pet, is like a tank. Full weight of trying to rely on someone to cuddle, wagging his whole body, his mouth from ear to ear. And the more the person tries to maintain "decorum" that she is persistent, as if saying "so man, Come on, look how much I like you, and how I love you!" Happens to be the one to sit on her haunches (that is what she really like), but no estimate of penetration with which he leaps into his arms, so it is not unusual to see in our visit to the position lying on the turtle shell waving his arms in a futile defense against Angelee meringues .. .

With children it is more difficult, absolutely loves them, but can not always predict their strength and do not mind if her and fail than pass rush greatest joy a child could knock down and trample. But because we already have your baby, slow "trains on it," learn to care and time it will be well managed.

Angelee mother was very good. The problem was that she had a difficult birth and a lot of problems for him, two of the three puppies had died and she knew from the beginning was so much nervous and panicked. I'm so worried about the last, and when they first came one day, trying to protect the last puppy that he wanted to lie. So we watched it, otherwise it was very nice, took care exemplary. After about two weeks and had a baby girl and peek over the next few days, let loose Stend girls walk and play with him. Visits boasted and was happy because everything revolved around her and her baby.


This is approximately our Angelee, sufficient energy and our little girl is still quick. In every moment, ready to do anything and have fun. Laughing, constantly hungry and quick. It is the sun that warms you, whenever you have clouds on the soul and causes to be active, because its awesome challenge to the game is really just can not refuse.

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