Drumča ( Drumy z Pašerácké stezky )


Drumídek heart is "a matter of" me-owners. It's my first Bull Terrier and waited for it for about seventeen years. Yes, so long before everything was in order to come Druminka.

When I came to the conclusion that now and not even a week or a month later we finally have the bull, just the time when the pups were not much. They called my lip, was either a girl or had a different color or something just was not "as it" until I got to the litter in which the Drum. When I saw her, it was love at first sight, all the propositions on how to choose a puppy went away, just be mine.

Just had problems with feeding. She would not eat pellets, I tried almost all known recipes and tricks, did not even cooked to just picking everything - probably grew out of the water and out of desperation owners. Over time, a little improved, but still for her chow does not much value does a bowl full of round dances, views the chow from all sides, it očichuje all things, sometimes you bite off more than once and then let him eat and calm cats. And even if something is not what it tastes too, appear to interest anyone else, and let it subside.

Maybe my approach to feeding is small and delicate, and although now improved, it's catch up. There is no great beauty, sucker to be a big hefty dog, but the more the lack of returns excellent character. When a team member got Týtku, just accepted it for her, with no jealousy, everything is shared, how Týtka grew, automatically became commander and drum did not mind. Later, when we basted with David and Angelee, automatically turn left at the end of the pack without any problems and there remains to this day. It's a trumpet, it lets you enjoy everything slowly, rarely sandbags. Sometimes acts smug and risking a beating from the girls that when they play together and colored she is deliberately slightly nibbling, because they think that they are interested in the game, passing her. Also, it usually happens, An Týtkou with her or not taken as an equal opponent. They play around with it mostly when a black woman he wants to play with the other. Then they Drumča good. At her invitation to the Games An reacts rarely Týtka more. The more the Drum logically form an attachment to us, owners. When it comes to cuddling, trying to build so that the remaining girls blocked the way to us, and she might just be in the limelight. Here there is jealous of strange dogs, but not badly, just watching us and others to drive away or delicately nibbling.

For cuddles makes grand circle, it somersaults Drumídek-gumídek, showing off incredibly, only to be pulled down all the attention on himself. It's like a little colt, calf, goat or other cub. Does not show his joy as dangerously as Angelee and gone, but fiercely. When you can, stick like chewing gum and can not be suffering. Welcomes strangers with reservd, enjoys visit, yes, but not as much as An and gone. Drum can also "best behavior" is more manageable, with it you can go anywhere without a leash. Even on off is surprisingly manageable than tied: it does not want to walk, strike, and he lay down, brakes on the road. In the wild, but the rage of one hundred and six, running like crazy, no sense here and there into something crashes ... just sucker.

For a long time could write, which is excellent, but it can also be shortened. Just a goblin, elf and a clown who will not let a long sad, willy nilly it you have to laugh, you just see her eyes look, glimpse imp who are watching them and now there is reason to be cheerful ...

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