How it all began  

The common history of us, and our girls panic began in early 2007.

At that time started with my boy David Angelee ride a girls Roman with Drum and Týtkou to Brno and those in turn to Prague. Because the Týtce Drumdě and loved the little house and garden of David and because of circumstances for which they had occasionally Wow less time than was necessary, began to occasionally stay in Prague "on holiday". Before long, Brno and the girls are completely crazy Boy, Týtka every time "from Prague" arrived in Brno, joy in the parking lot bounded on all cars similar to that of David, welcome to him was so stormy that peed all around the circle and a square meter as long as David was with us, her eyes on him and he would rather not even climbed down from his lap. Drum reached even further: she is so loved that when she was at home in Brno, mourning, did not eat at all, circled the parking lot like a car and looking ... She rejoiced when David phoned sprang like valerian, grand circle and metal band at all was the happiest dog in the world.

This Angelee the lady from Brno behaved very crisply. First, in her apartment block on a visit to initially disliked, was used to move the garden, that David is just her ... and now I had to share him with a woman, two girls with strange and to make matters worse, a flat in Brno were still two cats and they could not pursue. And what was probably the most ignominious Angelee soul, nasty Boy acted like it was one of her girls and she wanted after her obedience and manners.

So there was a small naschválům, Angelee be occasionally peed Romana duvet in the bedroom, deliberately swept cats, made the deaf, stupid, sick or lame.

But everything we have mastered over time, girls have settled in, there are three, two of us have learned to respect the order, who between them they created, none have any girls with no protěžovali while trying to respect their temper and give each what they need to be satisfied in the new situation. The girls there are no serious quarrels and over time could also Angelee know the joy that it is not alone and that a team member to play.

When we eventually moved in completely to Prague, were almost no problems. Drum with Týtkou Angelee respect as a leader, so everything was turning around, sound and the big family - we two, three bulteriérky, an old cur dog, two cats and two cats.

We have established a kennel called NATURE OF UNIQUE (which means something like - a special, unique or exceptional nature or naturel), which corresponds, in our very nature Terriers.

Each of the girls are completely different, unrepeatable, and what applies to one, you can not use most of the other. In addition to the word "goodies" - all react to it and hear it mostly in deep sleep :-) :-) :-)

But the girls will present in detail separately in the chapters on each of them.

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