What is it with babies 

... In truth and in short, funny and tough.

The joy of childbirth was well for Týtka and numerous litters of healthy babies after a few hours, we filmed a bit of a dead baby boy birth. He is not even breath or move, and so have not even yet have his life-Non-Life mourned. So much energy cost Týtka than even that little could be born and everything was in vain. So now we "the top" had to know that nothing is in vain and we must cherish everything we did.

Then we praised as an excellent and easily handled everything Týtka how wonderful care of babies and it has plenty of milk. As little by little became a little nervous and restless, we thought for about a baby left in her for sure and we went to the vet (Even if we said right after birth, if the quiet, why not go and leave it unnecessarily stressed by babies, or the danger of exposing the way to the sentence with her mother.)

Message from doctors was overwhelming - Týtka has acute eclampsia, our mindfulness, we caught it in time, but can not breastfeed at all and gets the IV calcium. At this point, we were slow to breakdown, returned to torment us with Angeleenky litter, feeding small teat and the gradual dying babies ... but we had to "lift" to divide the tasks, one of what will take care and roll on the emergency system. I moved the babies to bed, so that they can lie with his mother, but suck it, David is cared for our little daughter, cats, and about the household. When Týtka had to check, went with her, I cared little about and set a meal for us, and little girls in supplies for the babies made milk doses and to avoid pacifiers.

Other inspection and a report from the doctors, although improving, but we just added work. Týtka has inflammation of the mammary gland, we had spatter each teat, then get a little drink baby milk to form ceased for the time when it would be possible to continue breastfeeding and then to full feed. Teat Týtka cool that she was better. Of course, had no antibiotics and calcium in and tablets.

So I was still with the litter in the playpen at night, and we sort of acted like a dream. We did not sleep, the atmosphere was about "heavy" because our little sleep or no good.

That's how it went the whole week, we slept a few watches, and it happened that I drove to walking the Týtka, sat down, before coming to the door, he wants home so hard I fell asleep in seconds, that Týtka "almost fell down cottage" as for himself warned that he wanted to go home, but did not awaken me to David, who slept in a small bedroom upstairs.

Within a few days of treatment Týtka got weaker babies from diarrhea, inflammation of antibiotics, so get yourself to a specific antibiotic. And to make matters worse, so I wanted to take Angelee a baby together, but just went Týtka so in a hurry a little misjudged the strength and tore a small bit of cuticle in the groin. So tried to "stitch" the baby, then was allowed a few days lying on my mother to give him a blow not licking ... (but since I've been with them almost all the time, was mostly with others only when I ran from them, moved to a small heated replacement nest )

After nearly fourteen days of intensive Týtka received permission to fully breastfeed, but I helped her, came to us from the beginning that does not produce enough milk, how much would be needed. But it was fun, puppies toddled, started watching, we had won, and the problems.

And as it is with us as we began to rejoice again there is a problem. Týtka Angelee a fight with a baby (it was our inattention) and An swelled inside of mouth with right bites a papule. And again ... sentence, and antibiotics. But we managed and then rejoiced.

Unfortunately, only a few days, then came to suspect that Bojsík not quite right. This will only confirm the sentence, but a chance to heal. Every day, every moment we were with the puppies we wanted to see improvement in any by-step better and saw him ... unfortunately, we just wanted the contrary Bojsík only deteriorated. Waiting for a critical examination not want anyone, moments of happiness when Bojsík fell asleep in our arms alternated persistent thoughts of him, very probably, inevitable, sad fate ...

Perhaps we no longer selected, but you should not enjoy. As we take a normal thing that we are small little babies running around the room that they have to the world, are healthy voracious, warlike and cuddly.

Everywhere we are looking for some "but" we see "bugaboo around every corner" (especially I, Roman), we monitor a small eye in the head, we give them the best and hope that they will be well.

The new owners seem to be good people, the babies are happy and have a great interest. Hopefully, my little Boy will not disappoint and that if there are any small problem that we solve it together and puppies are waiting for new wow only sunny days and panic that they will be with our babies so happy that day, when you bring home will be small for them with a capital "D".

We still have less than three weeks with our babies, then scatter from us to new life. Perhaps in these days with us will be the biggest problem If we ask, Wish you and our puppies are long and happy life.

Thank you.

to dry up with Poop on the floor and pee where it does not belong.


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