15/12/2017 04:21

Litter F

... new litter in our kennel. Litter F JCH CAPTAIN AMERICA Mithgard  x  NAOMI BLACK SMILE OF Critical Point. Puppies was born 11.12.2017 4girls and 3boys
09/08/2017 10:16

health tests

... On 7.8. our brindle trio was on health tests. NAOMI was repeat at four years with resulst good for breeding - doppler ok, sono kidney ok, UPC 0,16. and her daughter DIAMOND DIANA - doppler ok, sono kidney ok, patella ok, UPC 0,2 ( one week after her season ) and brother DREAM COME TRUE -...
09/08/2017 10:11

new litter

Hello, we havea new puppy. 30.7. was born one male :)
26/06/2017 20:49

new litter E

 we will have a new litter E, pregnancy confirmed, puppies will arrive at the end of july :)  
07/05/2016 11:46

added new litter to litters

added new info.
07/05/2016 11:43

17.4.2016 puppies was born

17.4.2016 was born our new litter D from Zappy Zack Timar  x  Naomi black smile of Critical Point. 4boys and one girl.  
20/03/2016 09:28

15.3.2016 We were on sono...

....we were on sono at wednesday and pregnancy was confirmed :) . We expect puppies in mid-April...
17/02/2016 22:22

15.2.2016 new mating

... new mating in our kennel ... 15.2.2016 in Warsaw  our Nanny ( NAOMI BLACK SMILE OF Critical Point ) with Zulu ( ZAPPY ZACK Timar )
17/08/2011 17:21

17.8.2011 ... we don´t expect any puppies : ((

... after a very long month, when we waited impatiently for the day to go to An ultrasound to determine whether pregnant or again "the way he snapped," we finally got. And we waited to see the disappointment. An not pregnant again, this time the doctor did not give us even a chance that the baby...

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