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      Our kennel is based briefly in early 2008, although females have longer. We had originally planned purposefully involved in the breeding and development of the breed, our girls, as their bitches say - we bought mainly as pets and companions. Only over time we broke in the health of Bull Terriers, the traits of their breed, and about things that are different from holding pets just for fun. To our decision not contributed enough that females are doing at shows, are healthy and have good character. We also have several friends with the sick bull terrier who can not take as much pleasure as we do and still must think that their every day together may be the last ... because we want the greatest contribution to the elimination of hereditary diseases, which Bull Terriers are suffering and contribute to good health and longevity of this wonderful breed. To "children" of our girls and their owners have given the greatest chance of being together will spend many happy years. Unfortunately, no one can give a hundred percent guarantee of health, but we want to do as much as possible.

This means that our girls have a Doppler examination of the heart, kidneys, and even some other institutions using ultrasound, of course, have blood tests and urine. Choose to cover the dogs tested, healthy and examination.

The girls live with us in the house with a garden along with four cats. Holds up well, the girls learned that cats are not eating their food and that it pursues, although sometimes provoke the cat in the garden and then grind them girls.

As an option, participate in various events such as camps, lure coursing, joint meetings and walking, walking to my house a lot of visitors, so they can say that our girls are very social. Of course, knows how to behave and even in public transport or in a restaurant - in short, are part of our lives and are discarded only a few of which our activities.


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