Organizace, kluby, útulky atd.


Klub Anglického bulterriéra the official association of lovers and breeders of Bull Terriers

 Bulterier v nouzi  - address where Bull Terriers are looking for help. And here's a temporary problem with the site new address.

Českomoravská kynologická unie   information for dog breeders 

FCI  - International Federation of canine      

Czech coursing club - coursing, fine for dogs running 

Diskusní fóra


Bulterier.netnot only talk but also useful information. Sometimes we are discussing here

Celý svět - people about bullterriers talk about everything on the website - "whole world". Our favorite forum.

Bullrerrier forum - what is happening in neighboring Slovaks international forum, lots of information about dogs and events around the world

Bull-terrier.skOur favorite Slovak Forum

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