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           Týtuška was born 3.7.2006 in Prague. At that time, I looked for my friend for the first female Drumču Týtky and I fell in love at first sight - enough photo on the Internet. The first weekend (it was the puppies during the week), I went to see her, be sure to advance in your pocket. Little I have buried, and decided that it will be ours. Even as a baby loved cuddling, totally relaxed and enjoyed petting. That was exactly what I wanted from her, mainly to be affectionate. The breeder we have agreed and I waited impatiently for the day when you bring Týtku. (Later, when we met with David, told me that he was Týtku appetite and he was just slow. So we probably Týtky fate :-)))

At home (then still in Brno) waiting Týtku tumultuous welcome from Drumči and from the first time the two formed an inseparable pair. Never were the problems between them, even though time Týtka Drum grew both physically and mentally, and she began to conduct what and where it will be freaking out. As a tiny also wanted to be friends with two chicks, with us living in the apartment, and her long time it took to realize that they will not even snuggle or cuddle. Over time, what they tried to approach, and before she realized that she will only tolerate and nothing more from them took a lot of scratches. Little good Týtka they never returned nor attempt to get them back. Her good-natured character and it remained even after puberty. Seek fights, neither type of leadership, friendship with all dogs, cats and pursues is quite manageable as well as among the hens. The only ones who eat a lot are angry hares, chasing you very much, although I'm sure he knows what they would do if he caught any. I think though with An ever walk chasing deer, actually running joyfully with An, no, that would chase anything. The apartment has gone rather lazy, prefer to communicate in such a way that is, wags his tail and looks like he is glad that her talking and interested about it, but that matter do not mind that because of the chair not climb. (It also real danger that the chair now occupied by the other girls ... so it is actually possible Týtka sharply intelligent and masking it laziness :-)) Even if we play with the girls second, he usually keeps his composure. Another situation occurs when we get home or going out with something that he wants to see her but we let them.

As a welcoming dog is quite "dangerous". An is a combination that is hard, but welcomes us wiggle above ground, or relies on us down, and Drumči which, while bouncing around us, but The lightweight. Týtka to jump-start for us. With vigor cannon ball will land us on the back or head, it does not matter that it is difficult, so she can jump very high, and smiling mouth drools around where it hit. And thus welcomes some of our friends, and sometimes we say that soon will cease to be our friends ... but it is amazing when you get so much love from a dog, albeit a little harshly manifested? :-)))

Outside, when something is worthy of her attention, feel free to pop up window. More than once did. Indeed, no self-preservation, jumped from the sixth floor, but fortunately the window to the balcony and the window was a rack of underwear ... and ended between them. When he runs joyfully, so what that is in the way of fence or tree, try to break it. Never mind that not SUCCEED and stitching tore up, the next time you need to succeed ... you fail to overcome the force will be even greater force, it is her password.

Týtka is happiest with people, as every sucker loves to visit. As we wrote above, more or less loudly is welcome (and classical - the worst is that those who have reserved it for access, welcomes almost as loudly as if it said "Come on, do not worry, I love you, look how power "), a few individuals piss dearest happiness, then it is happy when you can visit to sit or lie down, be quiet and let the huddle cuddle. If not, at least she touched.

One of her dog will be the ideal positioning, just as time will pass with her canisterapeutickou test.

For people knowledgeable Buli nature suffice to say that is true Týtka sucker.

For others it is simply nice, friendly, and occasionally shot pretty girl, who lives just to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle again. It's a delicate soul dog, hates injustice and is sensitive to punishment, if not understand, what actually was. Does your world, in which he often wanders in thought, we rarely cancel their activity as a barking or insistent desire to go out and berate passers-by. It is patient, always ready to cuddle, soothe your sorrows and give you a sense of belonging complete man with a dog.

We look forward to will be able to complete its characterization of it, what is my mother.

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