Litter"A"       Ch Lord of the Timar x Ch Ovis Trojský kůň


This litter is a combination of Ovis Trojan horse (Angelee) and Lord of the Timar (PA viz.sekce Documents Various ...)

09.15.2008 3 puppies are born black and white with brindle markings. An birth took place at the vet, was long and difficult. The first boy was born, he weighed 390 grams. Did not even get the name, 16, died hours after birth.

The second born female - Aleksandra - weighed 400 grams, unfortunately, despite the continuous, all possible care of us and my mother several times and visits to the vet and she was his fight for life 9.17 lost.

Because the course of "illness" was the same as for the brother, we decided to give her body to dissect, to find out why it happened.

Unfortunately we did not receive clear answers, the puppy was in good condition, fully developed without any defects and injuries. The most likely cause of death was given Escherichia coli var. Haemolytica, they found the little body. This is unfortunately not in any way to prevent this bacteria is commonly found "everywhere around us," sometimes happens that the organism - newborn pups or very debilitated elderly patients - a bacterium that can defend and die.

As a third puppy - the second baby girl, weighing 420 g was born, "our" brave warrior. She got home named after her mother Angelee.

 Angelee Nature of Unique

 Angelee - 6 weeks 

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Angelee homemade Ančule say, since she left us the nickname "Píďulka" on which he still hears, sometimes rather than your name and the angry :-))) Wow, lives in Prague with my boy, so we see from time to time. It's a little devil on my mother and every bit stubborn bull terrier. We hope (and wish the new owner) that is mostly healthy and durable, it will grow into the beauty of both the mother and father and that she will often see on shows.

To know how to grow and how she can look at her photos / or video / user / poklajda

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