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Exhibitions we attend quite often, but so far only here in the Czech Republic, we gathered experience and learned everything correctly. But because Angelee already won the title Czech Champion and CACIB from us also, it's time to expand your horizons outside of our country, reaping what we have learned and try to win the title Interchampion. So we hold Thumb :-)

U.S. - Wow - very fun, "girl" - as we say our females - sometimes more, sometimes less, but with age and experience, they begin to look forward to go on a trip, meet friends, and especially to get a full day so many rewards, as normal for the week :-) So it happens that we have written the report "excellent demonstration of dog" or "dog with excellent character." And I must say that even if we get the qualification "excellent" or even more, but the girls are disgusted and tired of it, our joy is not complete.


If you are interested, that bitch got what where and when to sign, click on its name to show you the details.


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