17.8.2011 ... we don´t expect any puppies : ((

17/08/2011 17:21

... after a very long month, when we waited impatiently for the day to go to An ultrasound to determine whether pregnant or again "the way he snapped," we finally got. And we waited to see the disappointment. An not pregnant again, this time the doctor did not give us even a chance that the baby should not be seen ...

Well, about a girl nehce corrupt figure. So I think if you give her peace, or even still have re-examined more thoroughly (if you can be more than we already do) and try again puppies with Hermes. How we looked forward to this connection, it is hard to say goodbye to the idea that it will not and we will have our dream of a black girl with a nice pedigree.

And you're not just us, but also the candidates who were waiting for these puppies. So far no gun in the Rye and see if we fit it there, or even fire.

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